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I chose this module at the beginning of the semester because it provided a space for us as students to integrate practical and academic content, thereby offering a reflective learning process in a new learning environment. | participant’s feedback, summer 2021   In summary, while engaging in the course, I have learned many lessons. | participant’s feedback, winter 2021
  Thus, after only a few weeks, I realized that I had acquired a wealth of knowledge that I would like to share. | participant’s feedback, summer 2021  
Usually, I do not freely or creatively design and develop any learning assignments or address my own interests within them. Mainly I write scientific papers, so my only  possibility is to set the focus slightly in a direction I desire. This format of learning overwhelms me and leaves me kind of lost, but I also see a lot of  potential now after completing this course. I feel like I better know what to  focus on now and not waste time, just so I can say ‘I worked on it’. My output was bigger. | participant’s feedback, winter 2021    Those insights are enough for me. I do not mean that in a negative way. It is exactly what my ‘love’ for project work is. I love it because of the short but intense dive into an unknown field. | participant’s feedback, summer 2022



This makes me prepare for my future thesis work and for professional life. | participant’s feedback, winter 2021  

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